Carbide bell saws - kraken

The kraken bell saws is the last innovation of bits in the high performance bell saws. the new toothing and not 2/3 teeth/inch offer a better clearance of shavings and a faster cut in fiberglass, aluminum, wood embedded in the fixations, stainless steel, tiles and other materials. thanks to the new side slot, spend more time drilling and less time removing the fall. Kraken is proudly made in the United States.

- wood

- exotic wood

- aluminium

- composite materials

- stainless steels

Scies Cloches Kraken

Carbide ribbon blade - jawbreaker

the new jawbreaker carbide tape saw blade is dedicated to cutting alloy steel balls and other hard to cut materials. with the patented Morse kerflock patented Morse cutting action, jawbreaker sets a new benchmark for the performance of the tape saw blades.

- Alloy steels

- tempered alloy steels

- nicrmo carbon steels

- stainless steels

Lame Sabre Carbure CTR

Carbide blades - ctr

The best choice of blade for thick metal cutting applications from 6 to 13 mm. this high performance blade offers a longer life span than the traditional Bi-Métal blades.

- steels

- frames

- casts

- reinforced plastics

Lame Sabre Carbure CTR

New magnetic drill

Ke40lub s / plus - capacity 40 mm is added to our already complete range of magnetic drills.

Integrated cable, reinforced safety and extended life.

- coal protection devices

- electric protection (variation and overvoltage

- machine stall sensor

- magnet to save energy

Perceuse Magnétique Capacité 32 mm