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DFKC1 - Diamant Pack

Pack including a Diamant Forets Box Ø6-7-8-10-12 mm + 1 Suction cup and 1 Sprayer 1 Lt for Lubrification. Recommended for the drilling of very hard and fragile construction materials including Grès Céram and Verre

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DFKG3 - 1 liter spray

Water spray or lubricant capacity 1 Lt. After pressurizing by pumping, it allows automatic cutting irrigation either by connecting it to the DFKG2 drilling guide or by direct spray
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MA35PS - Tree Scie Bell

Tree for Saw Bell Ø32 to 210 mm. 9 mm Hexagonal full keel with Power Groove for quick mandrel and torque recovery ergots. Equipped with a Pilot Foret HSS 6,34x80 Auto Centrant MAPD3C
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