Return or exchange an article?

It's possible! You have a period of 30 days* from receipt of your order.

Our goods are of excellent quality, but if they were to have a manufacturing vice, the recognized defective parts would be replaced for free. The customer shall bear all costs and risks of loss or damage that the goods may run, from the delivery of the goods. Delivery shall be deemed to have occurred upon delivery of the goods at the disposal of the carrier.

The goods always travel to the costs, risks and risks of the customer to whom, in the event of avagance or missing, they must make any necessary findings on the receipt of delivery and confirm their reservations by registered letter with notice of receipt to the carrier and KENI company within two working days after the receipt of the goods, and more generally take all appropriate measures to safeguard the recourse against the carrier. Failing to meet this deadline, no claim will be admitted.

How does it work?

Contact the customer service by phone at +33(0)169 906 010 to make your request then print and complete this form (Download here.

Your return will have to meet the following conditions without which we will not be able to process your request:

1 - Contact the customer service and print your return form(Download here

2 - The item should be in its original unsealed packaging

3 - Nine and not used

4 - To be returned to a suitable and protected package

5 - Keep the completed return form (link above) as well as your Delivery and/or Billing.

For any other questions about our return policy, please send us an email or contact us by phone at +33(0)169 906 010

Beyond the 30-day period, The goods taken will be deducted at the price in force at the time of purchase less a depreciation fixed according to the age of the goods (minimum 20%).

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